Mario Scaffardi

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I’d like to thank my mom for giving me Crayolas when I was 2.

And so it began. A passion that has lasted his entire life and coincidentally gave him him the means to earn a succesful living. Mario has always been immersed in design even when he was too young to realize it. His love of all things visual and his desire to create brought him to the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University where he graduated with highest honours. In the 20 years that followed his career has allowed him to ply his skills as a graphic designer and art director from the hallowed halls of the National Gallery of Canada to the modest retail aisle with clients like Red Rose and Lipton. In between he has developed creative design solutions for the automotive, fashion, retail, social and industrial sectors.

An expert in branding and a master of all media, be it print, digital or otherwise, Mario has worked for a huge range of clients both large and small. And through all that he has always understood, with a true clarity of purpose, that design is both master and servant, that problem solving is part of the job description and that beautiful design is great but beautiful and persuasive design is even better.

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